Australian headquartered IPTV solutions pioneer CombiTel has teamed with Phillips to integrate its latest software innovation.

CombiTel provides headend and video transport solutions for all types of telecommunications infrastructure used by service providers including Carrier Ethernet, IP/MPLS, Dark Fibre, HFC Cable / Remote FHY and Satellite. We supply hardware, network management software and also integration services enabling carriers and broadcasters to deliver high-quality digital video seamlessly across countries and continents. 

We are proud of our staff’s extensive expertise in design, implementation and support of large scale carrier infrastructure both in Australia and overseas.

CombiTel solutions are developed using products of our partners, who have global recognition of their brands, and leading OEM suppliers, who manufacture equipment for CombiTel Group.

We provide both complete headend solutions enabling to start a TV service from scratch and also discrete components for the existing service platforms.

CombiTel is an authorised distributor for many leading brands and our product range includes all key elements of the modern TV service platforms including H.264 / H.265 encoders, transcoders with adaptive streaming options, DVB gateways and IRDs, CA/DRM systems, modulators (QAM, COFDM, QPSK), mosaic encoders, media servers, multiplexers and DPI processors, optical transmission equipment and other products. We provide solutions for most DVB-compliant networks supporting DVB-T/T2, DVB-S2, DVB-C and related standards.

We also provide cost-effective MATV equipment and software for corporate and hospitality markets.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Traditional printed signage is gradually being replaced by a superior and more flexible solution called digital signage. Digital signage is typically delivered via flat panel displays and provides a full range of content such as graphics, video, audio and text, playing on different screens in different locations, managed from one central point.

Digital signage helps to create that unique look and feel that puts your business above the rest. Dynamic digital signage may draw more attention than static, printed signage and can be updated quickly and professionally. Digital signage also saves your business money that would have otherwise been wasted on printing, displaying and taking down old printed signage. In some cases it even generates additional revenue for a retailer or a property owner when spare “airtime” is sold to others.

A CombiTel digital signage solution is more than just a few LCD screens and cabling. Our systems are fully networked and ready to deliver your marketing message to all your sales outlets (or may be just a few selected shops) straight away. We are particularly skilled at producing a scalable network design for multiple sites. Our solutions provide real time content management and distribution as well as bandwidth management where needed.

CombiTel can design a digital signage solution for almost any environment; retail stores, shopping centres, showrooms, corporate office environments, banks, real estate agents, hotels, conference centres, cafes, bars, restaurants, nightclubs and even large venues such as sporting arenas and airports.

Contact us now and we will design a solution that is right for you.

An IPTV service has no meaning without the content, which people want to watch and listen to. We are committed to providing complete solutions to our customers to ensure they have everything they need for successful operation. Therefore, we broker content relationships between service providers and content companies including studios, licensing houses, TV stations and rights owners.

We will assist you in licensing movies, TV shows, music videos, games, documentaries and other material.

Please contact us to discuss your specific content requirements.

Many enterprises use traditional master antenna television (MATV) systems use for distribution of TV and signage over coaxial cable and in the case of large installations, over hybrid fibre-coax (HFC) cable plant. These systems use digital (and sometimes even analogue) signal transmission over radio frequency (RF). Most of these systems are one-way and do not support interactivity. 

Internet protocol (IP) technologies have revolutionised TV channel and digital signage screen delivery regardless of physical transmission medium.  CombiTel's solutions can run over CAT5/CAT6 structured data cabling, co-axial, HFC, ADSL and wireless infrastructure. We offer tailored solutions that fit best our channel partners and end customers.

Our enterprise TV client base spans across multiple State and Federal Government departments, health care and aged care providers, and multi-national corporations. We also supply IPTV products and solutions to various hospitality platform operators for hotels, mining camps and enterprises alike.

Why so many customers from virtually every industry are deploying CombiTel IPTV systems? Here is why:

  • IPTV provides ultimate flexibility in secure content delivery to specified end users at pre-determined times
  • Organisations can run a single network and cabling for all enterprise services including live TV, unified communications, data, and other services
  • IPTV systems support data exchange and integration with ERP and OSS platforms
  • In-house user channels can be easily created and streamed by authorised personnel
  • AM/FM, digital radio and music streams can be included in the channel line-up 
  • User-generated content and movies available on-demand
  • Comprehensive DVR/PVR functionality
  • Both corporate and hospitality customers can pick and choose pre-integrated applications for user information, bookings, scheduling as well as for building/room management

All of the above features are supported by our flagship product - Omniscreen Pilot application server, which can be supplied as an appliance or deployed on a cloud platform.

Needless to say the picture quality is always excellent on all devices (media players, commercial smart TVs, STBs, tablets, smartphones) when the complete solution has been designed and commissioned by CombiTel or its channel partners.

Please let us know what your needs are and we will design a complete system to your network specifications and TV channel requirements.