Android TV is a version of the Android operating system developed for digital media players / set-top boxes (STB) and smart TVs. It is a new way for pay-TV and hospitality operators to deliver modern TV experiences without heavy upfront investment in content and infrastructure.

It replaces Google TV and now supports popular features such as:

  • Voice-activated remote control (Voice Navigation)
  • Universal search and content discovery across multiple TV services and applications 
  • Personalisation
  • Google Cast, a Chromecast equivalent with many residential and hospitality content sharing applications
  • Google Play Store with its huge range of apps and games
  • Integration with new Google technologies such as Assistant and Knowledge Graph

It is important to note that all these advanced services are only available on official Google-certified devices and platforms. There are many devices on the market that do not support these services while an Android OS.

A true ‘operator ready’ Android TV service will not be complete even if a certified Android TV platform is deployed. Both Pay-TV and hospitality operators often require software extensions such as 

  • Multicast streaming (particularly important for hospitality systems)
  • Closed Captioning and other similar features
  • Service Assurance, Provisioning and Device Management
  • Emergency Announcements
  • Operator's DRM/CAS Integration
  • Hybrid DVB integration
  • Google Cast implementation for corporate and hospitality environment  

Android TV is an open platform. In principle, it is possible to enhance and extend Android TV in-house. However, it’s often more effective to partner with companies like CombiTel to shorten time to market and reduce software development and ongoing support cost. Together with our technology partners, we have the expertise, track record and technology to help you deliver a fast, easy-to-implement deployment – and avoid the cost, complexity and risks associated with in-house product development.

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