CombiTel has started working with channel partners from the very beginning of our business and it is still an essential part of our strategy today. We recognise the value delivered by our partners and do our best to ensure they are fully satisfied with our products and services.

Our channel partner list includes businesses of all sizes: from multinational corporations delivering landmark projects to astute individuals who may simply provide a sales lead. Despite the broad range of partners, we provide competent and timely support to all of them due to our specialist knowledge and proven business systems.

We welcome new channel partners working in all industries where they see opportunities for live and on-demand TV delivery over the Internet and private IP networks. We also welcome FTTx/FTTH and MATV/SMATV project opportunities where we could jointly provide high value to the end customer.

Since 2008 we have delivered international IPTV projects in APAC and beyond. We are now looking to engage with more channel partners in South-East Asia and the Pacific.

Please contact us to find out why we are the best IPTV partner for your business.