2cbt537 4k decks the halls at amsterdam s ibc

The turnaround tale at this year’s IBC was all about 4K Ultra HD. While previous year’s themes at the Amsterdam conference had been heralding the onslaught of 4K, 2015 has marked its arrival in spades.

cbt538 switching on the super viewer
The rise of streaming TV and has produced a new breed of audience coined the ‘super viewer’ by researchers comScore. This new demographic is characterised as a highly-engaged, multi-platform consumer that craves specific content that appeals to their interests, hobbies or passions throughout the day, no matter the time or device.

cbt536 netflix takes on asia with 4 new markets

Netflix has accelerated its ambitious global expansion plans in the East with its first launch into Asia this month in Japan. Four more countries in the Asian region will go live early next year, nominated as South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

cbt535 streaming video slays the aussie piratesAustralians appear to be ditching their predilection for piracy and going legit in their consumption of streaming video content according to new research from Choice.