Teleste S-VMX Video Management System

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Teleste S-VMX is an IP video management system based on open architecture. It provides a smart and scalable solution serving both video security specialists and IT professionals.

Customisable user interface

The S-VMX web user interface can be tailored to the specific needs of your control room. You can utilise our standard templates or create user-specific layouts based on individual needs. For example, you can integrate third-party systems into the UI, or display broadcast TV for easy follow-up of news channels. The web client is available through standard web browsers without OS or hardware dependencies.

Automatic management of events and alarms in real time

The automatic real-time management of events and alarms provides you with pre-programmable scenarios for creating automatic triggers, receiving alarms and notifications, and associating different tasks with them. You can also enhance the management of events by utilising the visualisation of alarms, cameras and other devices in interactive, georeferenced or static map views. Even more efficiency can be achieved by adding video content analytics to your system.

Based on open architecture

The S-VMX is based on open architecture, which minimises the need for engineering in future system updates. You can easily and flexibly adapt extensions to your system when system requirements change. Together with easy deployment and maintenance, the simplified architecture makes operating the system cost-efficient and reduces the total cost of ownership.

Standardised and IT-friendly

The S-VMX uses international standards-based communication and IT protocol as well as integration tools that ensure smooth and safe integration. It also supports distributed directory information services such as SSO, LDAP and Microsoft Active Directory Services for authenticating and managing users across domains.

Protected against cyberthreats

Thoroughly taking care of personal data protection, our state-of-the art cryptographic technologies will ensure that all your data stays safe and protected against cyber threats. You can encrypt internal communication between S-VMX applications, clients and servers connections, as well as between third party systems. In addition, the S-VMX enables functions such as watermarking, anti-tampering, video data encryption and digital video signature, which will harness your system with an extended level of cyber security.

Scalable solutions

S-VMX grows modularly as needed: should you add more cameras, other system components or clients, just add the respective amount of engine power to the system core. Future expansion from one S-VMX system category to another can be achieved flexibly by simply changing the applicable system license.


  • Flexibility and Ease of use
    • Client Web UI can be personalized by individual user
    • Intuitive web client also available forĀ  iOS, Android and Windows mobile devices
  • Scalability
    • System can be scaled from small to nation-wide systems
    • Predefined system levels for variable number of concurrent users or camera counts
    • Supports multiple site operation
    • Shares resources between different user organisations
    • Enables system federations and integrates also with legacy systems
    • Scalable network video recorders and storage
  • Integration capability
    • Standardized and open interfaces
    • Easy IT-administration
    • Easy and fast integration of different subsystems
    • Patent pending Command & Capture for fast and application agnostic integration (visualization and control of 3rd party applications without integration)
  • Support for different map systems
    • Google maps
    • Bing maps
    • Open street (offline) maps