cbt612 brits ramp on streaming while aussie teens ditch tv

Streaming TV services in the U.K. are gaining viewing traction, doubling in video consumption in the last 12 months.

IPTV players like Netflix and Amazon Prime have accounted for 4 percent of total video consumption in the U.K., up from 2.3 percent in 2014, according to new figures from Thinkbox.

Thinkbox report that the average TV viewer in the U.K. watched a total of 3 hours, 51 minutes of TV a day in 2015, 1 per cent less than in 2014 but 5 per cent more than in 2005. For the average Brit viewer, 3 hours, 47 minutes of TV a day was watched on a TV set while 4 minutes was watched on other devices, such as tablets, smartphones and laptops.

TV which includes live, playback or on-demand across all screens holds a 76 percent share of total video viewing in 2015. This share is down from 81 percent in 2014, however this is set against the increase in the overall amount of video being watched.

YouTube has grown as a proportion of total video in the last year, up from 3.5 percent in 2014 to 4.4 percent in 2015.

 “These new figures show that TV dominates the video world for all age groups.

Today’s young people watch on-demand forms of video more than the generations before that didn’t grow up with them,” said Thinkbox CEO, Lindsey Clay.

He added, “What is remarkable is that in the last decade, when so many new technologies and services have arrived that could have disrupted TV, TV viewing has remained so dominant.”

Meanwhile in Australia, reports show that there has already been a drop in television viewing hours of more than 18 hours per month between 2011 and 2015. In the same period online video viewing has increased by ten hours per month.

The teen and 18-24 year old set illustrate the most damaging habits for traditional television viewing. On average teens watch less than half that of the overall Australian monthly average, 38 hours and 18-24 year olds watch 40 hours on average per month.

While in the online video viewing space, teens watch more than double the Australian average, 28 hours, with the 18-24 demographic watching 22 hours per month. Both demographics viewed fewer than five hours of online video in 2011.


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